Following academic accomplishments have been achieved by the centre during the year 2012.

  1. Organized Board for Higher Mathematics, DAE, Government of India funded ISL Algebra (Instructional School for Lecturers in Algebra, during February 20-March 3,2012 at SSJ Campus Almora. Prof. H S Dhami, Coordinator CEMS was the convener and Prof.A.J.Parameswaran of TIFR Mumbai & Prof. N. Raghavendra from HRI Allahabad acted as co-convener of the school. Prof. R.Thangadurai from HRI Allahabad, Prof. Parameswaran, A.J. from TIFR Mumbai, Prof. Manoj Kummini from CMI Chennai, Prof. Chanchal Kumar from IISER Mohali, Prof. N. Raghavendra from HRI Allahabad and Prof. K V Subrahmanyan from CMI Chennai were the speakers/ instructors of the school.(ATML) Advanced Training in Mathematics Schools of National
  2. Organized 3 day workshop on “Algebra-Number Theory interactions” for the benefit of research scholars, faculty members and students of Uttarakhand region. Prof. JugalVerma from IIT Bombay, Prof. Dilip Patil from Indian Institute of Science and Prof. D Surya Ramanna from HRI Allahabad were the speakers of the workshop and Dr. Sanjay Pant from Delhi University worked as panelist.
  3. Another ATML school sponsored by NBHM, ISL Differential Geometry was organized at this place during 21 May-June 9, 2012. The speakers of this school were Prof. Ravi Kulkarni, Chair Professor from IIT Bombay, Prof. Harish Sheshadri from Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, Dr. Harish Chandra from BHU, Prof. R R SImha from Bombay, Dr. Sanjay Kumar from Delhi University, Dr. Vaibhav Vaish from TIFR Bombay, Prof. C S Aravinda from TIFR Bangalore. This school was attended by participants from all parts of the country, research scholars and PG students of the Department of Mathematics.
  4. With an aim to bring together leading mathematicians and young researchers to learn about important developments in several areas of Mathematics, a national mathematics year event was held at Centre of Excellence in Mathematical Sciences, Kumaun University, SSJ Campus Almora with the title “Almora Mathematical Surveys” during 3-6 October 2012. On this occasion, the Centre of Excellence in Mathematical Sciences (CEMS), established by Uttarakhand Sate Science Education and Research Centre (U-SERC) located in the Almora Campus of Kumaun University was formally inaugurated by Padma Sri and Padma Vibhushan Prof. M S Raghunathan, Chairman, National Centre of Mathematics, IIT Bombay. The speakers and participants visited the library of the Department and suggested some measures for being eligible to receive library grant from National Board for Higher Mathematics. Survey lectures were given by galaxy of mathematicians, details of which are as under:
    1. Prof. M S Raghunathan, IIT Bombay on “The Congruence Subgroup problem”
    2. Prof. Vijay Kodiyalam, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai on “Algebraic invariants of subfactor”
    3. Prof. Mahan Mj, RKM Vivekananda University, Belur on “Recent Developments in Kleinian Groups: a tribute to Bill Thurston”
    4. Prof. C S Rajan, TIFR, Mumbai on “Geometry and Arithmetic: More than analogies”
    5. Prof. S Kesavan, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai on “The spectrum of the Laplacian”
    6. Prof. S G Dani, IIT Bombay on “Interface between hyperbolic geometry and Diophantine approximation”
    7. Prof. Parameswaran Sankaran, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai on “The Vector field theorem: A Survey”
    8. Prof. Anupam Saikia, IIT Guwahati on “Application of Euler systems in recent advances on some well known conjectures”
    9. Prof. Sukumar Das Adhikari, HRI Allahabad on “Algebraic methods in additive Combinatorics”
    10. Prof. Gadadhar Misra, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on “The Bergman Kernel function”
    11. Prof. M. Vanninathan, Homogenization:A Brief Survey”
      TIFR-CAM, Bangalore on “Methods for elliptic
    12. Prof. V Kumar Murty, University of Toronto on “The Prime Number Theory and Generalizations”

    Posters were also presented by young faculty members and research scholars of various research institutions and Universities. The symposium was attended by all faculty members, Department of Mathematics, DSB Campus and SSJ Campus Almora and the students of M.Sc (First and Third semesters). Prof. J K Verma, IIT Bombay, Secretary of The Scientific Committee of Almora Mathematical Surveys, Dr. Sanjay Kumar from Deen Dayal Upadhyay College, University of Delhi and Dr. Harish Chandra Pathak from BHU Varanasi also participated in the symposium.

  5. ICTS program on Group, Geometry and Dynamics was held at Almora during December 3-16, 2012. There was a 10 days advanced school followed by 4 days discussion meeting. The ICTS program GGD was attended by seventy participants of which 25 from abroad, 10 local and the rest from several parts of India. The entire list of speakers and non-local participants and the schedule of talks are posted on the program webpage of the ICTS. The participant list has a perfect mix up of senior and junior faculty members, post doctoral scholars and graduate students, both from India and abroad. The program started with a few preliminary courses to cover the necessary background of the main topics in the school. The preliminary courses were given mostly on December 3-4 and the main lectures on the advanced school started from the afternoon of December 4th. There were regular discussion sessions where students and young researchers were encouraged to ask questions to the speakers and other senior mathematicians who attended the program. Students and faculty of this region got the glimpse of this beautiful and important field of mathematics.

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