ISL Linear Algebra (2014)

17th to 29th March, 2014

The school will cover the following topics:

  1. Module I (Vector Spaces)
  2. Module II (Matrices and Determinants)
  3. Module III (Linear Operators)
  4. Module IV (Sesqui-linear forms)

Name: D. P. Patil H.S.Dhami Sanjay Kumar (Pant)
Mailing Address:

Department of Mathematics,
Indian Institute of Science,
Bangalore - 560012

Professor and Head,
Department of Mathematics,
SSJ Campus, Kumaun University
Almora, Uttarakhand-263601

Associate Professor,
Department of Mathematics,
Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College,
New Delhi-110015

Mobile: _ 9412092611  9810528236
Telephone: _  _  _
Fax: _  _  
Email: patil at drhsdhami at sanjpant at

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