Selected Applicants - Under Graduate Summer Workshop

This is the final list of selected applicants. Please go through the instructions carefully

  1. Accommodation of participants has been arranged in University Guest House from 21st June 2015 to 5th July 2015
  2. Time -Table will be uploaded around 15th June 2015.
  3. Please do inform immediately if you decide (for any reason) of not coming for the workshop to and
  4. For reimbursement of travel you must produce original tickets.
  5. Please bring at least two books , one of Algebra and one of Analysis. CEMS has small library with good collection but that is only for consultation. One Notebook and pen is essential.
  6. Caretaker of University Guest House: Mr. Rakesh Sah contact Number: +919411316484
  7. Coordinator can be contacted on the following numbers: +919873127573 (Delhi, till 19th June 2015); +918937992541 (Almora, from 20th June - 5th July 2015)
  8. Looking forward to see you in Almora.
  9. Always visit for updates.

Under Graduate Summer Workshop (2015) state- Uttarakhand

SID Full Name Name of college/ institute where studying Confirmation Status
88 Kamal Bhatt S.V.G.P.G Champawat Confirmed
103 R C Pandey S.V.G.P.G Champawat Confirmed
141 Tanuja S.V.G.P.G Champawat Confirmed
139 Monika Tiwari M.B.P.G. Haldwani Confirmed
91 Preeti Palni M.B.P.G. Haldwani Confirmed
103 Ankita Sati M.B.P.G. Haldwani Confirmed
145 Pradeep C Karnatak M.B.P.G. Haldwani Confirmed
146 Shivani Mishra M.B.P.G. Haldwani Confirmed
182 Shweta Lohani M.B.P.G. Haldwani Confirmed
194 Anjali Pandey M.B.P.G. Haldwani Confirmed
261 Rahul Gupta M.B.P.G. Haldwani Confirmed
184 Bhaskar Singh SSJ Almora Confirmed
258 Deepesh Kalauni SSJ Almora Confirmed
276 Bhavesh Pant SSJ Almora Confirmed
80 Naveen S Dhami SSJ Almora Confirmed
210 Himanshu Pant SSJ Almora Confirmed
40 Narendra Joshi P.G.C. Bageshwar Confirmed
229 Nand Kishor Joshi P.G.C. Bageshwar confirmed
227 Chaitanya Kandpal P.G.C. Bageshwar Confirmed
42 Devid Dhami L.S.M.P.G.C. Pithoragarh Confirmed
56 Babita negi L.S.M.P.G.C. Pithoragarh Confirmed
57 Neha Pandey L.S.M.P.G.C. Pithoragarh Confirmed
92 Vandana Pant L.S.M.P.G.C. Pithoragarh Confirmed
147 Lalit M Tripathi G.P.G.C. Dwarahat Confirmed
257 manash Tripathi G.P.G.C. Dwarahat Confirmed
136 Shruti Mishra S.V.P.G.C. Lohaghat Confirmed
138 Aarti Bohra S.V.P.G.C. Lohaghat Confirmed
198 Amit Bisht S.V.P.G.C. Lohaghat Confirmed
169 Rahul Nainwal H.N.B.Srinagar Garhwal Confirmed
129 Nitesh Bhatt H.N.B.Srinagar Garhwal Confirmed
131 Aman Deep H.N.B.Srinagar Garhwal Confirmed
241 Rajat Bhatia D.B.S.P.G.C. Dehradun Confirmed
226 Parash Rawat D.B.S.P.G.C. Dehradun Confirmed
166 Atul Semwal P.T.L.M.S.P.G.Rishikesh Confirmed
167 vishesh Kumar P.T.L.M.S.P.G.Rishikesh Confirmed
183 Sakshi Yadav P.T.L.M.S.P.G.Rishikesh Confirmed
240 unnati joshi G. G.D.C. Haldwani Confirmed
254 Umesh S Bafila D.S.B.Nainital Confirmed
101 Krian Pathak G. G.D.C. Haldwani confirmed
242 Gopal Ram Dabral DSB Nainital Confirmed
202 Megha Negi MBPG Haldwani Confirmed
20 Anurag Patel DDU College , Delhi Confirmed
16 Gaurish Korpal NISER, Bhubhneshwar Confirmed
28 Aditi Sethia Miranda House, DU Confirmed
39 Deepika Yadav Miranda House, DU Confirmed
157 Divyanshu Anna MBPG Haldwani Confirmed
36 Subarna Pal DDU College , Delhi confirmed
24 Abhisek Kumar DDU College , Delhi Confirmed
220 Akash Parmar DDU College , Delhi Confirmed
104 Shikher Sharma DDU College , Delhi confirmed
212 Diksh Verma P.T.L.M.S.P.G.Rishikesh Confirmed

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