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Based on the recommendations of Brain storming session in Mathematics with the theme “Measures to be taken for the development of Mathematical Sciences in Uttarakhand” during first two days of Uttarakhand State Science and Technology Congress (USSTC-2011),Uttarakhand Science Education and Research approved the establishment of Centre of Excellence in Mathematical Sciences, Uttarakhand at SSJ Campus Almora of Kumaun University in the year of Mathematics. Speakers and panelists of the brain storming session were renowned mathematicians like Prof. Ravi Kulkarni of City University New York, Prof. Jugal Verma from IIT Mumbai, Prof. S. Kumaresan from Central University Hyderabad, Prof. C S Aravinda from TIFR Bangalore, Prof. V H Badshah from Vikram University Ujjain, Dr. Sanjay Pant from Delhi University, Dr. Harish Kumar from BHU along with all faculty members of the two campuses of the University.

The main aims of CEMS are as under:

  • To promote mathematics vigourously at all levels in Uttarakhand and its neighbouring states.
  • To promote the study of math at all levels of education
  • To serve as an academic support for students and teachers
  • To motivate and attract the youth to learning math and to improve the level of mathematical knowledge of the population in state
  • To provide lectures, courses and seminars on math
  • To create a resource Centre to serve national and international communities as a focal point for advanced research and training in the mathematical sciences and its applications

It is proposed that the following activities will be undertaken by CEMS:

  1. Teachers' Enrichment Programme (TEP)
  2. Annual Foundation Schools (AFS)
  3. Advanced Instructional Schools (AIS)
  4. National Conferences in Mathematics (NCM)
  5. Olympiad Training Programmes (OTP)
  6. Madhava Mathematical Competition (MMC)
  7. Almora Mathematical Surveys (AMS)

It is well established that Mathematics has been playing an increasingly important role in practically every area of human endeavour. It is evidently important for our country to accelerate its development. India has a few institutes of mathematics which are known internationally for their contribution to mathematics, but for a country of our size, their number is too few. In this context, efforts are under process to convert the Centre for Excellence in Mathematical Sciences at Almora (Uttarakhand) into Uttarakhand School of Mathematics (USM).

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