ATMW Topics in Algebraic Graph Theory (2013)

13th to 23rd October, 2013

Graph Theory is a newly emerging discipline in mathematics that has significant applications in Computer Science and all the branches of mathematics. In the last several decades, algebraic techniques are being increasingly used in investigating complex graph structures and this has benefited both the topics. Starting with the most basic Perron-Frobenius theory of non-negative matrices, the topics to be covered will include interlacing of eigenvalues, strongly regular graphs, generalized polygons and quadrangles, equiangular lines in Rn and root systems, algebraic connectivity and expander and Ramanujan graphs.

Name: Sharad S Sane H.S.Dhami  Sanjay Kumar (Pant)
Mailing Address:

Department of Mathematics,
IIT Bombay, Powai,

Professor and Head,
Department of Mathematics,
SSJ Campus, Kumaun University
Almora, Uttarakhand-263601

Associate Professor,
Department of Mathematics,
Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College,
New Delhi-110015

Mobile: _ 9412092611  9810528236
Telephone: (022) 25769452  _  _
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Email: sane at drhsdhami at sanjpant at

List of confirmed participants:

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Sr. SID Full Name Gender Affiliation State
1 3988 Mr Mushtaq Ahmad Bhat Male Kashmir university. Jammu and Kashmir
2 4001 Mr. Hilal Ahmad Kasie Male Kashmir university Jammu and Kashmir
3 4003 Mrs Komal Pravin Wategaonkar Female Royal college of arts, science and commerce Maharashtra
4 4035 Mr Prasanta Kumar Sahoo Male Pondicherry university Pondicherry
5 4052 Mr. Debabrata Kumar Ghosh Male University of kalyani West Bengal
6 4071 Ms. Priya Das Female Iiser-kolkata West Bengal
7 4199 Dr. Mahesh N. Dumaldar Male School of mathematics,
Devi ahilya university
Madhya Pradesh
8 4080 Ms Anuradha Ambarishan Female Bharathidasan university Tamil Nadu
9 4081 Dr. Kavaskar T Male Bharathidasan university Tamil Nadu
10 4106 Mr. Kamesh Kumar Male Gurukul kangari university, Uttarakhand/Uttaranchal
11 4110 Mr Sajith P Male Indian institute of technology bombay Maharashtra
12 4121 Mr Bipendra Singh Rawat Male Gurukula kangari university haridwar Uttarakhand/Uttaranchal
13 4119 Mr. Suraj Shankarlal Meghwani Male Indian institute of technology - mandi Himachal Pradesh
14 4168 Dr. Charusheela Mukund Deshpande Female College of engineering, pune Maharashtra
15 4192 Mr. Biplab Basak Male Iisc. bangalore Karnataka
16 4200 Sanjoy Kalita Male Gauhati university Assam
17 4201 Mr. Joy Roy Male Gauhati university Assam
18 4207 Ms. Arti Pandey Female IIT Delhi Delhi
19 4215 Mrs. Papri Majumder Female Iisc. kudapura campus Karnataka
20 4104 Mr. Laxmi Kant Mishra Male University of allahabad Uttar Pradesh
21 4016 Mr Francis . P Male Pondicherry university Pondicherry
22 4229 Mr Mrinmoy Datta Male IIT bombay Maharashtra
23 4015 Mr Raja - Vellaichamy Male Pondicherry university Pondicherry

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