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Topic: Complex Analysis : Geometric and Dynamical Aspects
Dates: 14th November 2016 - 19th November 2016
Venue: CEMS, Department of Mathematics, SSJ Campus, Kumaun University, Almora.

Please read the following instructions carefully:

  1. Except for the invited speakers, everyone wishing to participate in this event, whether student or postdoc/faculty, must register for the event.
  2. The extended deadline for registering has expired.
  3. Student participants of this workshop-conference must be research scholars working towards a PhD.
  4. The organisers hope to provide travel support, as per Government of India norms, for all Indian participants. However, this will be contingent on receiving adequate support from funding agencies.
  5. A selection process for junior registrants is underway. The organisers aim to be as prompt as possible in this process.

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